About Weihai

Weihai is located in the eastern tip of Shandong Peninsula, across the sea from Korea and Japan. It is the closest city to Korea with 93 nautical miles in between. Its climate is strongly influenced by the surrounding Yellow Sea.

There are many famous scenic spots in Weihai, such as Happiness Gate, Liugong Island, Sino-Japanese War Museum, Mount Chengshan, Chishan Fahua Buddhist Temple, Silver Beach and so on. As a coastal city with a long history, Weihai cuisine is a component part of Jiaodong cuisine. Local dishes are fresh, crisp and tender, with a light taste and original soup. The representative local dishes include Soy Sauce, Sea Cucumbers, Hand-braised Prawns, Lotus Scallops, Soy Sauce Conchs, Crabs with Ginger Juice, Steamed Jiajie Fish and so on.

It is reputed as the most livable city and is among the first group of National Model Cities for Environmental Protection. At present, Weihai is also a commercial port and major fishing center with some light industries.

The Happiess Gate is honored as “Gate of Weihai”, becomes Weihai’s symbol, and is representing the Weihai modernization urban image. It is situated in 100 meters south of prestige harbor, and belongs to one of happy park landscapes.

Liugong Island is a small island located on the northeastern edge of Shandong Peninsula, China at the mouth of Weihai Bay. It is known as the “birthplace of China’s first modern navy”. A natural beauty of temperate climate, the island has the reputation of being “a fairy isle on the sea” and “a Garden of Eden”. The island rises high in the north and dips low in the south. A wall of cliffs guards the northern boundaries while sandy beaches line miles upon miles of the southern shores. The Liugong Street and Liugong Island Fish Shop are good shopping places. Liugong Street, north of Navy Square, is a 190-meter (103 feet) long pedestrian street, where both Weihai and international goods are sold. The Island Seafood Store, lying near the south of local Expo Park’s exit, is the best place for local seafood snacks.

Chengshantou (Mount Chengtou), also known as “the end of the day”, is located in Rongcheng Longxu island town of Weihai, named after the location of the eastern end of Chengshan Mountains. Chengshantou is embraced by sea on three sides and with one side connected land. It face South Korea across the sea, from only 94 miles, is the most east China sea junction, and it is the first place to see the sunrise at sea, since ancient times is known as “the place that sun is to rise”, “China’s Cape of Good Hope”.

Hailvdao Island Scenic Spot, abounded with legend and natural view, is situated in the northern area of Rongcheng Mountain. By virtue of its beautiful scenery and far from land, it attracts many seabirds. The island looks like a donkey lying in sea. Surrounded by deep blue water and thousands of sea-gulls, with risky ridges on it, the Hailvdao Island is a place leading you into the ancient fairy tale.

Huaxia city covers an area of 16.28 square kilometers, including oriental culture area, service centre, gold town, living area, arcadia, red holy land, healthy sports area, adventure mountain, VIP area, folk custom area and other functional areas. It is a modern tourist city with completion of travel, leisure, commerce, residence, education and other integrated functions. The national AAAA level scenic area - Huaxia city tourism scenic spot, is the center area of the Huaxia city. Near the sea in the east, on Longshan in the west, it is a new type of ecological tourism resort in classical and modern combination, nature and science and technology harmony. There is the largest temple more than 1300 years history in Jiaodong - Taiping temple, the Ming dynasty Weihai the Xia ancestor Xia Xian (fifth grandson of Xia Yuanji in Ming dynasty) site election, the largest domestic Yu’s palace of Yao, Shun, Yu period history and culture and so on, more than ten sights, and acrobatics, equestrian, and other rich traditional performances. In 2011, the scenic spot for “ten of China’s most potential theme parks”, won the award for “best Chinese creative industry park”, and were rated as the first batch of cultural industry demonstration zones in Shandong Province by Shandong Province cultural department.


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